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Pavers Cleaning & Sealing
Las Vegas, NV
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UCG Cleaning Company, has been restoring hard surfaces for over 19 years In the Las Vegas Valley and
is proud to offer Paver stone Cleaning and Sealing Service.

Preparing the paver stone surface is key to a permanent bond for sealing pavers.  We only use commercial power washers capable of 250 degree
heat and pressure washing at 4000 psi  along with the proper cleaning solution  as needed by the surface of the stone.
Sealing Paver Stone can possess a unique challenge for many unexperienced  contractors and DIY homeowners.   Since water And moisture can
penetrate the paver joints,  moisture can get trapped under the sealer causing a vapor lock that will eventually result in a white milky appearance on
the surface of the sealed paver resulting in sealer failure as the sealer coating is separated from the stone
At UCG Cleaning we have perfected our method of cleaning and sealing pavers with a wet look sealer that has addressed this issue resulting in a
failure free sealer and a 5 year guarantee from Vapor Lock.