Tile & Grout Cleaning
UCG Cleaning uses the an exclusive turbo designed to clean porous and
non-porous hard surface tile and grout, including
Natural stone, ceramic,
porcelain, quarry and other stone
Our cleaning process is unique.  Instead of treating dirt, grime, and grease by
scrubbing, mopping, and slopping the grime around, Our Turbo tile cleaners
uses the heat, pressure jets, and suction from our powerful truck-mounted units
to emulsify, remove dirt, and rinse your tile & grout instantly.   Your   completely
rinsed and residue free grout is ready to be

See our video page to see the turbo in action.
Efflorescence is the build up of minerals
on the surface of the grout which may alter
the color
of the grout.  It is usually white and ashy in
appearance often found on darker colored

A special chemical is used to remove the
mineral build up and restore the grout
back to its
original condition, followed by a
solvent based sealer to prevent future
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Got Efflorescence?