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Carpet Cleaning
At Unlimited Carpet & Grout Cleaning we take pride in our work!  Established in Las Vegas since 1997, Our Carpet cleaning service is Guaranteed to
meed and exceed your expectations. We strive to be the BEST in Las Vegas.

We guarantee our  pet urine stain removal process,  or it’s free!  If the stain is not gone by the time we're done you will not be charged for the stain
removal.  And if the stain comes back, so do we !!!

Our carpet cleaners are uniformed and properly trained to address your flooring restoration needs
We use only Truck Mounted units to steam clean & sanitize your carpet and rugs .  
Truck Mounted units provide water temperatures of 230-250 degrees and give us
more suction power which ensures cleaner carpets  and faster drying times.
Las Vegas, NV
las vegas carpet cleaning service
las vegas carpet cleaners
Our Carpet Cleaning Process includes:

Pre-Conditioning:  A Powerful Enzyme  designed to remove most organic stains, is pre-sprayed
                                     over the entire carpet.

Steam Clean : We use a powerful gas powered Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning machine that is  
                            second to none !

Residue Free Rinse:  We use a special self-neutralizing formula designed to restore the PH  
                                            carpet back to a healthy PH of 7.5 without sacrificing cleaning power.

Quick Dry Service: Our exclusive quick dry process ensures  dry times of 2-5 hours
                                        depending on carpet pile and air circulation.

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